How Do You Launch a Podcast in Less Than 10 Days?

Why I Started MaxPodcasting

The first time I listened to a podcast was in early 2017. It was an episode of Road Trippin’, featuring some of my favorite Cavs players at the time: Richard Jefferson, Channing Frye, Kyrie Irving, and Sideline Reporter Allie Clifton. I didn’t really know what a podcast was at the time, but I had heard the Cavs players had been putting out something really cool.

A few minutes into the episode, I felt like my whole world had changed – Wait, they are just normal guys. I had looked up to these guys as heroes, NBA superstars, people that were so successful you didn’t feel like you were on the same planet as them. But the way you could listen to them on a podcast, it literally felt like you were sitting there in the locker room with them. Or the plane. Or their hotel at the time. I had never experienced anything remotely close to what I was listening to right then.

Over time, I started listening to more and more podcasts. It started in the sports world, becoming a loyal listener to Road Trippin’, then my favorite Browns players Joe Thomas and Andrew Hawkins on The ThomaHawk Show, then the ridiculously entertaining Pardon My Take with Big Cat and PFT Commenter from Barstool. These shows are endlessly fun and remain some of my favorite podcasts today. But at a certain point, it hit me: if you could learn this much listening to sports podcasts, imagine how much you could learn listening to business podcasts.

Starting the Wild Business Growth Podcast

Later that year, I made a massive career change, leaving my corporate brand management job to join my family business, Hippo Direct. I had grown up with the family business – my dad started it the year I was born – and I always thought I may join at some point. At the same time, I was realizing the corporate world wasn’t the right fit for me, and I’d be much happier working in a more entrepreneurial setup, doing things I was more passionate about.

Once I joined, my dad and I had tons of great brainstorming sessions on new ways to market the business. We knew we had to do much more on the digital marketing and social media side. But the tactic we could not get out of our heads was podcasting. We didn’t know what it looked like yet, but we knew we needed to start a podcast.

In looking across our lines of business, including mailing lists and email lists, everything we offered as a company came back to one thing: helping you grow your business. So we thought, What if we put together a podcast where we interview entrepreneurs and marketers about how they grew their business.

The Wild Business Growth Podcast launched on August 3rd, 2018, and has since featured a new entrepreneur or innovator every single Wednesday morning. With over 100 fascinating guests, features in some of my favorite outlets, and listeners around the world, it’s opened more doors than I ever thought possible and truly changed my life.

From Podcast Host to Podcast Producer

In the early days of the Wild Business Growth Podcast, a couple things struck me:

  1. Podcasting is a ton of fun
  2. Podcasting takes a ton of time

I knew from Episode 1 podcasting was the right fit for me. I truly love hosting podcasts, the joy that comes from unlocking gems and insights from amazing guests you otherwise may not even be able to have a conversation with, on any medium. Being a podcast host is something I’ll always love doing.

But the podcast production side – that’s where the magic happens. Somehow, being a podcast producer has become even more rewarding than being a podcast host. There’s true beauty in taking a raw, choppy, first-take interview recording and turning it into a polished, professional-sounding final podcast episode, complete with high-quality licensed music and transitions.

I’ve been the podcast producer since Episode 1 of the Wild Business Growth Podcast. I realized how much time it takes to produce, and how valid a need it is to have your podcast polished and produced. In an industry that’s growing more and more every year, this makes for a huge opportunity to help out other aspiring podcasters by helping them save time while maintaining a high-quality podcast. Especially business owners, entrepreneurs, and storytellers – whose time should be completely focused on building their business.

What is MaxPodcasting?

I’m incredibly excited to launch MaxPodcasting. Producing podcasts is something I’ve already been doing every week for years. It started as a Podcast Service within Hippo Direct, with some amazing clients who still put out top-notch shows to this day. As the number of clients and podcasts kept growing, it became more and more clear this podcast service deserves its own business. It’s a natural transition into entrepreneurship, something I’ve been excited about for as long as I can remember (listen to any episode of the Wild Business Growth Podcast). And it could benefit Hippo Direct as well, giving the family business a chance to focus on the core offering and messaging of mailing lists and email lists (I’ll be helping).

MaxPodcasting is your place to save time with your high-quality podcast. If you’re interested in starting a podcast for your business or brand, and know it’s not in your best interest to spend all the time it takes to run a successful podcast, you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to reach out any time at .

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Why I Started MaxPodcasting Max Branstetter Podcast Producer Production


  1. It might seem odd to have a “reply from father” to a blog post. Just wanted to say how proud I am of you and your new company, and that I’m very excited to see your dream come to life. You’re very passionate about all aspects of podcasting, are very creative, and always on the lookout for ways to improve the quality and user experience for the podcasts which you produce. And you continue to learn new ways to use podcasts for marketing and networking.

    I was there with you at the beginning of your podcast journey, and know how far you’ve come in just a few years. The future should be even more interesting as you continue to expand your client base and podcast guest alumni. Congrats!

    • Thank you so much! Could not be more grateful for your help, support, inspiration, mentorship, and being the best father in the world. So excited for the future and could not be doing this without you.

  2. Congratulations! Wishing you massive success!

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