Who is Max Branstetter?

That would be me. Thoroughly addicted to puns, dad jokes, and storytelling. I had a stable corporate job out of college which I (ir)rationally left to expand the digital marketing footprint of my family business, Hippo Direct – only to discover an intense love for podcasting and the podcasting industry.

Why Podcasts?

Because they kick ass. What other medium can you consume while driving, riding the train, working out, cleaning, showering, going to the bathroom (all at the same time?) and be massively entertained and inspired without missing a beat on that other thing you’re doing at the time. If you could be a fly on the wall for any conversation possible, wouldn’t you? You can because of podcasting.

Podcasting can be a powerful business-building tool

Now think from a business standpoint – what if you could literally tell any story you want directly into the ears of your target customers? You can because of podcasting.

I started podcasting by doing everything for the Wild Business Growth Podcast. I quickly realized everything takes a ton of time in the podcasting world, and the more behind-the-scenes work I can take off the plates of aspiring podcasters, the better it bodes for their business and their podcast.

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