Rachel Inman - Wild Business Growth Podcast #111: Google Maps and Google Earth UX Design Lead

Rachel Inman – Wild Business Growth Podcast #111: Google Maps and Google Earth UX Design Lead

Did you ever geek out about Google Earth as a kid? There’s something so cool about exploring the globe and discovering new destinations and mysteries from the comfort of your home. Now, what if you took that passion and made it your full-time career. That’s the story of this week’s Wild Business Growth Podcast guest, Rachel Inman. Rachel is a Staff UX Design Lead at Google Maps, and previously worked on the redesign of Google Earth. Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and your other favorite podcast platforms.

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Episode #111: Rachel Inman – Google Maps and Google Earth UX Design Lead

Rachel Inman, a Staff UX Design Lead for Google Maps, joins the show to share her journey from loving maps and exploration as a kid to enhancing Google Maps and Google Earth through UX design. Hear how to be user-friendly, how teachers helped redesign Google Earth, what Google Maps might look like in the future, how to create a culture of creativity, and how Street View gets made. This episode covers everything from Rachel’s favorite places in the world to how she likes to unplug. Here’s a small sample of what you will hear in this episode:

  • Rachel’s experience growing up surrounded by maps and exploration
  • How did she and her team redesign Google Earth
  • How does Google Maps use augmented reality (AR)
  • What’s involved in UX design (User Experience)
  • How do you gather feedback from your consumers
  • What makes Google so creative
  • How is The Met celebrating their 150th anniversary
  • Rachel’s tiny art skills

Connect with Rachel on Twitter at @rachel_inman and on LinkedIn.

Enjoy the show! Check out the show notes below for much more detail.

Show Notes

Rachel Inman Google Maps Earth UX Design Lead Wild Business Growth Podcast Max Branstetter
Rachel Inman - Wild Business Growth Podcast #111: Google Maps and Google Earth UX Design Lead

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