What Makes Great Podcast Artwork?

What Makes Great Podcast Artwork?

Your podcast artwork is arguably more important than your podcast name. Think about it – seriously, think about your favorite podcast for a second. I bet their podcast artwork popped in your head. Your podcast cover artwork is the visual identity of your podcast. It takes up more space than your podcast name. It can make the difference between someone listening and someone scrolling past you without thinking twice. Effective podcast cover artwork should be intriguing, clear, and succinct. It needs to meet the size requirements for Apple Podcasts and beyond. And it certainly doesn’t hurt to partner with a talented design professional. Here’s what makes great podcast artwork.

Great Podcast Artwork Is…What?

Great podcast artwork is eye-popping and attention-grabbing.

In order to capture attention, you need to really jump out there and capture attention. Everyone is so time-crunched in their day-to-day and has so many things calling for their attention. Think how many social media posts you’ve looked at just this week. A very, very high number. This same “clutter” is rampant in the podcasting world as well. Great podcast cover artwork needs to stand out from the surrounding podcasts vying for attention. After all, your podcast is going to exist in a sea of millions of podcasts. You need to go with a design that makes people stop scrolling and go, “Whoa. What’s this? Let’s check it out.” (Ok, they don’t need to say those exact words in that order. But you get the point)

Vigilance Sports with Art Vigil Adam McGinnis MaxPodcasting
Vigilance Sports with Art Vigil

Great podcast artwork clearly shows your podcast name.

This sounds obvious, but its importance can’t be overstated. And I will do my best to overstate it. Your podcast artwork needs to clearly include your podcast name. That should be priority #1. Make sure it gets the time and focus it deserves. There’s a wide range of fonts and colors you can use, and there’s no right answer to what works best. Just make sure you include your podcast name, and it’s the biggest and easiest thing to read on the cover artwork. Your potential listener needs to be able to look at your artwork and know your podcast name in less than a second. *Snap* Just like that. Your podcast name is the most essential part of your podcast artwork.

My Best Business Mistake Sue Brooke Alignable Adam McGinnis MaxPodcasting
My Best Business Mistake with Sue Brooke & Alignable

Great podcast artwork makes clear what your podcast is about.

Yes, you already knew your podcast name should be clear. The main subject matter of your podcast should also be clear. What actually gets discussed on your podcast? What category does it fall in? You don’t need to be suuuuuuuper duuuuuper detailed, but you want your potential listener to have a good idea of what the podcast is about – just from looking at the cover artwork. Otherwise, they may not tap on the podcast at all, and will certainly never tune in. Integrate some helpful imagery into your design. Make some strooooong hints to the main topic of the podcast. Some subtle background designs can go a looooong way to doing that.

Givin' Props BetPrep Adam McGinnis MaxPodcasting
Givin’ Props by BetPrep

Great podcast artwork is simple enough to be legible as a tiny square.

This is a big one (get it). If you’re viewing this blog post on your computer, get up and look at it again from across the room. (Side note: realize this font is now too small. Sorry about that). And if you’re viewing on your phone, pinch to zoom out. That’s how small artwork often is when it gets viewed on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and beyond. I’m talking 1-2 square inches. With that in mind, you need podcast artwork that looks great and is legible at that small size. Keep this in mind as you design your artwork. It’s fun to see your cover artwork blown up big in high quality, but the impact of the final result depends on whether the design packs a punch when small. Don’t overcomplicate it. If anything, oversimplify it.

The Marketing Playbook with Mark Friedman Adam McGinnis MaxPodcasting
The Marketing Playbook with Mark Friedman

What size should my podcast artwork be?

Speaking of size, your podcast artwork must meet the size requirements to publish on Apple Podcasts and other platforms. You don’t want to mess around here. If you fail to meet the required specs, your show may not get approved. That’s not a fun place to be. In most cases, meet the standards for Apple Podcasts and you’re set everywhere. Here they are:

  • 3000 x 3000 pixels
  • Max 72 dpi
  • JPEG or PNG
  • Under 500 kb

How do I create great podcast artwork?

The best way to bring these elements to life is to partner with a true professional who knows their way around awesome podcast artwork. For many of my clients and myself, we look no further than my go-to guy, Adam McGinnis. All the artwork in this post was created by Adam. He’s one of the most talented creatives I’ve ever met, and he’s had my “podcast artwork back” from the early planning stages of the Wild Business Growth Podcast to rocking it for many of my podcast production clients today.

Whether you work with Adam or find another design expert online (or offline), handing off the creation of your podcast artwork to a seasoned professional gives you the best shot at creating the stellar artwork you’ll want to show off again and again and again. Just make sure you share your ideas and inspiration, and stick to the essentials outlined in this post: make your podcast artwork thumb-stopping, include your podcast name as priority #1, don’t make the potential listener guess what the podcast is about, and make sure it works as a tiny square – with the required specs, for that matter.

If you have any questions on podcast planning, podcast production, or podcasting in general, you can always reach me at . If you found this post helpful, you’ll also enjoy “How Do You Edit Your Podcast in Audacity?” and any of the 140+ episodes of the Wild Business Growth Podcast. Thank you for your time. Pod on!